Cochin Tweetup 8 Report

Cochin Tweetup 8 is over. It was held at Somewhere Else Cafe, Kadavanthara. We had a total of 9 guys participating this time.



Cochin Tweetup 8 Photo

Live Tweets

The frozen version of the live tweets…

@binnyva: Its raining here. Usually, I don’t mind- but today, I want to go to EPLFC/Tweetup and I need my laptop. I’m hesitant to take it out in rain. at 09:16 AM, 23 Aug 2009

@binnyva: @roshinroy Today – the Tweetup is today. at 10:00 AM, 23 Aug 2009

@binnyva: @countroshculla You are coming for today’s Tweetup right? Bring your external HDD – I need V mini-series. at 10:16 AM, 23 Aug 2009

@fsiyavud: got a call from @rammohanr, my old Cisco pal who is on a visit to Cochin, looking fwd to meeting him.. at 02:50 PM, 23 Aug 2009

@fsiyavud: gotta get ready and go to #cochin #tweetup. Might not be able to spend too much time thr, need to go n receive wife at the Rly Stn. at 04:01 PM, 23 Aug 2009

@roshinroy: @binnyva This SA road is jam packed. Me stuck in front of dream hotel. Howmany showedup at th #tweetup? at 04:16 PM, 23 Aug 2009

@binnyva: Cochin Tweetup started – so far me and @roshinroy at 04:31 PM, 23 Aug 2009

@binnyva: #Cochin #Tweetup@zeqox has joined in. Now experimenting with his new camera. at 04:41 PM, 23 Aug 2009

@binnyva: @anoopjacob Give me the dates when you’ll be in Cochin, and we’ll see what we can do. at 05:20 PM, 23 Aug 2009

@binnyva: #Cochin #Tweetup @zeqox mourning the loss of his keys. at 06:05 PM, 23 Aug 2009

@binnyva: @cyriacthomas Where are you? We are still here. #Cochin #Tweetup at 06:49 PM, 23 Aug 2009

@fsiyavud: cud spend just a few mins at the #cochin #tweetup, still glad that I cud make it. Back home after picking up wife and son. at 07:33 PM, 23 Aug 2009

@crazydudekk: @jlusujith Hey n probs …. the tweetup was gud … at 07:52 PM, 23 Aug 2009

@rammohanr: It was nice meeting new folks at the #cochin #tweetup.. Thanks to @theanand at 08:27 PM, 23 Aug 2009

@fsiyavud: #Cochin #Tweetup Photos – (via @binnyva @zeqox – thanks for taking and posting the pics, guys) at 09:40 PM, 23 Aug 2009

@theanand: @srijithv lets get it thru next weekend….wht say? will you guys b in town? #trivandrum #tweetup at 10:21 PM, 23 Aug 2009

@binnyva: Making a robot that will generate tweetup reports for me. The report of the last tweetup will be online as soon as the bot is alive. at 10:50 PM, 23 Aug 2009

Tweet on!

  1. #1 by Arun Basil Lal on August 24, 2009 - 10:25 pm

    Photos say that you had wifi. Thats huge!

    • #2 by Binny V A on August 24, 2009 - 11:37 pm

      That’s all tweetups are now held at this place. Too bad for you – you’re gonna miss Oberon mall ;-)

      • #3 by Arun Basil Lal on August 24, 2009 - 11:54 pm

        Guess what? I went to Oberon mall thrice after the last time we met there! That place never lets me down.

        Doesn’t matter, There will be something for me, where ever I go. YAY!

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